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So, what’s new? Stop Loss and Take Profit orders can be edited directly in the chart by dragging the cursor.

How does it look like? — We set Stop Loss and Take Profit. Now we can grab a Stop Loss or Take Profit order and move it to different price levels.

Our team advises to set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders according to PIVOT points, which we have also added to the chart.

Now the limit orders that you’ve placed on the exchange are reflected directly on your chart. This is convenient, as you do not need to constantly monitor your list of open orders. …

Receive crypto cashback from Traderbox

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Receive up to 30% cashback from payments under the new referral programm. Create referral links in your profile and invite your friends and followers to Traderbox.

You will immediately receive 20% cashback in BTC when the user registered by your link pays the terminal.
If your referral creates his own referral link and invites his friends, you will receive additional 5% of each payment and further 5% in case if a refferal of your referral attracts new clients.

Your income is unlimited!

Create your referral links, attract new users and make money together with us! team

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5 exchanges at the same time?📊

If you want to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you have multiple options. You can go to a Bitcoin ATM, accept them as payments for your goods and services, buy them peer-to-peer or from a brokerage. The most popular option for most is to head to a cryptocurrency exchange.

Traderbox gives you apportunity to trade on 5 exchanges from one window at the same time.


Binance only started in 2018, but it’s quickly grown to be one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. It claims to process over 1.4 million transactions each second with a daily trading volume in excess of 1.2 billion USD. …

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🕑 TraderBox makes investments in cryptocurrency assets easier and allows trading on several exchanges from one box


27 profitable crypto trading tools on exchanges in one interface. Trade directly on 5 exchanges from one window.

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